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Summer 1996

A jeep is nice and compact and can go about anywhere because of this. The drawback is you can't carry much in them and you can't haul much. Getting a sheet of plywood home is a pain in the butt.

So, all jeep owners, well, those with a small red Honda CRX and stuff to haul, need a jeep trailer. I had sort of been keeping an eye out for one but I never really found anything. After I got my welder I started thinking "hey, why don't I build one". Well, I certainly had enough spare parts. I had a 31" mud tire, a pair of 10 pack springs, spindles, bearings, etc. Sure no problem.

I sketched out some ideas, made some measurements, and then went to the industrial supply store and got some raw steel. Back in the garage I cut it all up with my handy dandy reciprocating saw (but man did I go through a lot of blades) and welded it togther. I used plywood for the floor and walls but did a metal frame and sides. I also made it so that I could take the walls off and just use it as a small flatbed if needed.

It turned out real cool and it was a lot of fun to build. I used it a couple of times right off the bat to take a load of stuff to the dump and also to get a yard of bark for some landscaping.

I can't wait to take it camping...

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