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Summer 1994

When I used AAA to tow the jeep home that first day the AAA account was actually my moms. I hadn't bothered to get AAA for myself, even after the Nachess problems, and it finally caught up to me. Ted and I drove out to Fall City one afternoon to mess around, explore and pick berries.

Everything was fine until we got back into the city on I-5 about 3 miles from home. I pushed the clutch in and the little adjusting ball thing that attaches to the clutch lever broke and I was without a clutch. I didn't know what happened other than my peddle went to the floor so I pulled over and checked things out. What I should have done was grind it back into gear and keep going near my house, then have Al tow me from there but I was stopped on the side of I-5 and decided it was safer just to get towed. $80 later I was home. It took me 5 minutes and about $5 to fix the problem. I bought two of those clutch adjuster things for next time it broke and got AAA Plus the next day.

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