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Spring 1995

The next little day trip after my winter/spring repairs was up to the High Riders trail near Sultan. Don and I had gone up to the trail head earlier that winter but there was a couple feet of snow blocking the trail. Now it was clear and Dale, Tina, Tyler, Don, Ashley, Aaron, Ted and I headed up to the trailhead. Before we even got to the trail and even before I got to Don's house a little clip fell out of my overdrive shift lever and I had to pull over and jury rig a bolt to hold things together.

Once we got on the trail everything was going fine until we stopped at one point. When I went to turn over the engine I got nothing. Turn the key and nothing. Once again I was having some weird wiring problems. We popped open the hood, looked around, snapped things back together and everything worked. Go figure.

We continued on up the trail through some really rocky stuff. Don went first and got hung up on some rocks but after some maneuvering he got through. I went next and had no problems at all in grany low. Dale came next and after some slipping and bouncing made it through.

Once through the rocky part the trail went under water for a bit, actually for about 50 yards but it was only about 1-2 feet deep. We continued on without any problems other than Dale ripping off his antenna on a tree. Once at the end of the trail we stopped for lunch, then turned around and came back down the trail. Oh, on the way down I sort of got caught on this tree that was laying across the road at a 45 degree angle. For some reason I couldn't get my wheels over this tiny tree and I kept going back and forth on the thing. Don of course got a little bit on tape with the comment "Here is Chris, stuck on a branch..." When we were almost at the bottom we took a different fork to check out a side trail that was washed out a bit.

It was no big deal until later down the trail it got really hairy for a bit. You had to step down this log into this of camber crevas to continue on. I was in front and took it really slow. At one point in the crevas it seemed like we might tip over but that never happened. Don came next and squeezed through, then Dale who almost tipped over. We got the whole thing on video and in replay you can see Dales jeep just teetering as he eased through the crevas.

That was about it for the day and we headed down the mountain towards home.

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