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Spring 1996

Some days you just need to get out of the city and the nice thing about owning a jeep is if you want, you can get way out of the city. But that was not the case one weekend, I just wanted to take the jeep out exploring a bit. After the Lake Cavinagh trip the jeep was still running pretty good and I figured why not just go out exploring like I used to do long ago.

It looked like the weather might hold in there and I convinced Ted that we needed to go out near North Bend and poke around a bit. Saturday came and I picked up Ted (with only the bikini top on) and we headed out to North Bend to the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie.

It was a pretty uneventful trip but I didn't think anything would happen. We came upon some parts of the road that were sort of washed out but you could still drive through them. At one point there was a Pathfinder behind us that stopped at one of these washouts. It was easy to go through but Ted and I could tell the guy's girlfriend/wife didn't want to go any further. So Ted and I challenged his "manhood" and waved him on. Come on, you can do it...sure enough he went through and continued to follow us. We stopped and talked to him later and he said he wasn't going to go any further until we started waving him on (challenging him in his puny SUV). But it was no big deal and we bounced around logging roads in the gray day (and a little bit of drizzle) and just got out away from the city.

When we got home the only damage sustained was a lost Cliffhanger's magnet sticker. Thing must have come off after hitting some of the potholes sort of hard...

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