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February 2000

It's been about 2 years since I have written anything about the jeep, but I still have it.

A couple of times it has crossed my mind that maybe I should sell it, but I figured at some point I would want to do some more four wheeling or other activities in it.

Here are some updates. My fuel pump problems were due to the return line coming back from the engine. The return line was just dumping the fuel right back in the top, and once the tank got about half full, the fuel spashing in from the top was aierating the fuel and leaning things out for the fuel injection system.

The solution was to extend the return line into the tank and end it right above the bottom of the tank, so there would never be any splashing and for amost all of the time the fuel would be returned to the bottom of the tank.

Last spring I got rid of my CRX, traded it for a Fiero that my Dad had that used to be my brothers. The Fiero needed a new engine and i figured since I was such a pro a getting the vortech in that an engine swap on the Fiero would be easy. Then I would sell the Fiero and get something else for myself. Well, to make a long story short, I took it in the shorts and ended up trading in the Fiero for a 92 Toyota 4x4 V6 Extracab. The Fiero basically paid for the tax.

So now that I have the truck I decided that I really didn't ever need to drive the jeep on the freeway anymore, I would just flat tow it wherever I needed to go. So I sold the overdrive.

Of course now that the engine is running well, the rest of the jeep needs some attention. The rear end is leaking again, as is the transfer case. The clutch is getting really grabby and I think something might be up with that which means taking out the transmission.

So, at the moment the jeep is on the back burner, just waiting in the garage for some Chris freetime, if freetime ever comes after doing my day job, trying to start a small business with my wife Kate, playing with our two dogs Phineas and Dottie, working on the house, and rebuilding my gocart. Whew. What happens when we have kids...

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