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Spring 1995

A couple weeks after the Elbe Hills trip was the annual swap meet at the Puyallup fairgrounds. Don and I got a spot to sell all our extra stuff we bought from Alex.

We loaded up everything in Don's dad's truck and in Don's little military trailer and headed down to Puyallup early Saturday morning. We stopped off at my house to load up the "unlucky" tires. They were in the back of Sherene's house killing the grass and blocking the sun from flowers trying to grow.

When we got to the swap meet we found our spot and unloaded all our stuff. In the stall next to use was Richard and Paul from Portland, the same guys I bought my T-18 from. What a small world.

Anyway, we ended up selling almost everything, most at a lot less than we though we could get. In the end we still had this M38-A1 body that we sold to some guy for $20 five minutes before we were going to leave. I planned on buying some stuff but didn't really see anything I couldn't do without. A winch would be nice but I didn't see any really good deals and decided to wait on that purchase until after April 15th (IRS time).

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