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Fall 1994

I always wanted to paint the jeep "military olive drab green" but could never find the paint in a cheap spray can. Well, I had put a lot of money into the jeep on other mechanical things so I decided that it was time to spend a little more on some better paint.

I went to Wesco Auto Paint and got a gallon of Flat Olive Drab. Then one afternoon I started taking all the paint off one fender using a drill and wire brush attachment. I was amazed at the number of coats that were on the jeep. Avocado green, hunter green, gray primer, blue, yellow, then down to the original olive drab, then bare metal. I started doing the drill thing on the hood but it went even slower since there were even more layers of paint on the hood.

I took the hood, tailgate, and the other fender to someone to sandblast, then primed everything and went up to Don's to use his paint gun to paint the hood, fenders, and tailgate. When I took the jeep home for Thanksgiving I stripped the rest of the paint off the jeep at my Grandfathers house and also painted most of the interior flat black. Then when I got back to Seattle I went back to Don's barn and painted the whole thing. It looked great and was finally the color I wanted.

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