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Winter 1997-1998

3/22/75/ to 2/89

We owned the trailer for 14 years and made 14 trips, 9 of which were across country. After the trip in 1979 we decided that we were tired of the trip across country and decided to leave the car and trailer on Ed Jr's property and to make our annual trip by air.

We liked this arrangement because we were near Chris and Scott. They would stop in to see us and we could enjoy their company for a special breakfast or lunch and to share the many experiences of their growing up.

The trailer had made it possible for us to be with Chris and Scott for a good period during 14 of the most important years of their lives. We'll never forget those experiences. That is why these are The Halcyon Days. Also the trailer made it possible to see much of the country as we travelled across country on practically every route. Flying is OK but you don't see the country.

Ed Jr. was divorced in 1989 and we decided that it was not practical to continue using the trailer as a vacation home. Fortunately friends, the Trumbulls, offered to buy the trailer in February of '89 and since then we have made shorter trips to Orcas and have mostly stayed at motels in Seattle.

"It was fun while it lasted and all good things come to an end"

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