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1996 started with a bang. We had a record snowfall of 30 inches.
The year started out as a "bummer". Mary Liz's mammogram showed a lump in her left breast and Dr Pezzi recommended a lumpectomy and scheduled a pre-operation examination for Jan. 17th.

Ed Jr. had scheduled a short visit over the weekend of the 19th. We had a nice visit but never mentioned a word about the operation which took place on the 24th. Fortunately the cancer had been discovered early and the operation went well and the prognosis was very good.

Regardless, six weeks of radiation were scheduled and there would be many
follow-up visits to the various doctors for the rest of the year.

The HMO worked out great and visiting nurses helped out evry day for about three weeks. Mary Liz handled the shock very well and after the drain was removed she had no problems.

March and April were taken over by the radiation treatments but we did get in a quite a few luncheons with our friends.

The weather through the Spring was quite wet and we had quite an experience getting home from Trenton due to floods.

Not to be outdone, I was diagnosed with a hernia on June 13th and scheduled for a operation on August 23rd.

We planned a trip to Seattle before the operation to see the young Suttons. We flew out the 19th of July, rented a car, and flew home on Aug. 1st.

We saw a few old friends, spent the weekend with Ed, and most of our time in Seattle waiting to see Chris and Scott for short visits. Our main pleasure was in seeing Chris' house and where Scott lives. Both were very nuce.

After the visit Mary Liz and I felt that it wasn't practical to make such trips. In the future it would be better to make a very short visit or to have the boys come East.

Ed Jr. and Carol made a short visit to see us on Oct. 5th. While here they had nice visit to the Lancaster area.

Except for an overnight visit to the Sayias in SSP our activities were concentrated on luncheon dates.

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