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It's been a year since Mary Liz's operation; it doesn't seen possible. The doctors have scheduled examinations frequently and have said that she is doing fine.

In general 1997 has been a slow year. Mary Liz keeps bringing up the posibility of a trip to Newfoundland but I can't see going to all the expense and trouble at this time. I'm sure she would agree when the "chips were down". We have travelled so much during the twenty or so years since I retired that I consider it follows the "Law of Diminishing Returns" Too much effort for too little pleasure. Also it seems that the airlines and travel in general is getting too crowded and a real hassle. Maybe we are just getting old.

Although many of our friends have died, we spent an active year meeting friends for lunch, and of course, there were the usual trips to the doctors for our checkups. We did spend a weekend with the Sayias in Seaside Park and visited the Yacht Club. The Club is very active and they have done alot to improve the facilities. It doesn't seem possible that it was about 40 years ago that I was Commodore. In fact I am the oldest living Commodore, chronologically and physically.

Many of our friends; Charley Kline, Joe Nicholson, the Reitingers, Mallons, Freygangs, and Jones now live in retirement complexes and they continously try to convince us that we should do the same.
We resists and intend to live here as long as we are able.

I have a young man that comes here for a few hours almost every week to help with the outside chores. It is a big help and it keeps me off the ladder and pleases the other Suttons.

Mary Liz continues her exercises two or three times a week with her girls. She also has become interested in the Symphonia and does a little volunteer work.

There were two unusual events in April. On the 7th., we replaced the buried oil tank with a fiberglass coated tank. Potential buyers of the property would question the buried tank. I was sure there was no problem with soil contamination and decided that it would be best to replace the tank while we were still young and there was no pressure. The contractor confirmed that there was no soil contamination.

On the 12th I had the surprise of my life. Mary Liz and Carolyn had arranged for Ed Jr. to come here for my birthday. I didn't know anything about it. On Sturday the 13th, my birthday, I was in the garage when the phone rang. I answered it and it was Ed. He always calls about that time on Saturday and I thought he was calling on my birthday.

He said he couldn't talk long because he was at the ferry at Orcas. We talked a little and hung up. A few minutes later, he burst in the door. He had been calling from his Cellphone. What a birthday surprise for the big 85. I was so pleased.

We celebrated my birthday with the Basanavages by having dinner at the La Bonne Auberge in New Hope.

The house is getting old. On the Sept. 24th we had to have the hot water heater relaced. It's oil fired and the one replaced was not quite 10 years old. It was expensive and certainly should have lasted longer. They said it was normal life.

At the end of September we again had a pleasant surprise. Ed, Chris, and Scott came to see us for a long weekend. We just enjoyed each others company and it was good to have all of the Suttons together. It required a couple of early trips to the airport and Mary Liz was tired out when they left.

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