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October 20, 1992

Socially the sixties were pretty much a rerun of the 50's. However, the deaths of family members caused us much grief. It also was a period when there were many weddings of our friends' children.


In March I spent a week in the Bryn Mawr Hospital with stomach problems; fortunately, reducing my coffee intake was the solution.

My Dad died at the Somers Point Hospital on September 3rd. of a cerebral hemorrhage. Mother was a wreck and I made frequent trips to their apartment in Ocean City.


On June 15th. Ed Jr. graduated from Cheltenham High and we took him to Lehigh University on Sept. 6th. He was missed immediately but he did get home quite often and we enjoyed Parent's Day and other visits to Lehigh.


John Calderwood died on September 22nd. Carolyn and John were on the cruise ship the "United States" bound for London when he died of a heart attack.

The Cards sold their home in Rahway and rented a house across the street from their shore house.


Barbara Card, Granny, died on April 12th. at the Point Pleasant Hospital. Dr. Card, Grampy, came to live with us after Mary Liz and he finished the summer at No 19, the shore house.

My sister, Aunt Dot, died suddenly of a heart problem while teaching school in Annandale, Va. She had divorced Bob sometime before. She left Robin who was 18 and Bobbie who was 15 at that time. She's buried with Mother and Dad in Arlington Cemetery.

I was the Executor and the only one to look after the children and to close out their home. It was a problem because of the poor relationship with Bob Worhington and because it was in another state. We sold things, stored things, and "U-Hauled" a load to Seaside.

Robin was enrolled at Duke and Bob agreed to enroll Bobbie at Staunton. In the fall we took a motor trip towing a trailer to drop Robin off at Duke and Bobbie at friends In Schuyler Va. They later took him to the Staunton Military Academy. We returned home via Williamsburg.


Spray died and we buried her under the Beach Plum tree at the shore.

Carolyn was very active in sports and a leading swimmer at Cheltenham. She graduated on June 11th. and entered Bucknell on September 12th.

Aunt Carolyn had moved from New York to Bermuda. Now that the children were no longer home we were free to go anywhere and took off for Bermuda on October 17th. Auntie stayed with Grampy while we had a three week visit with Carolyn Sr. It was our first trip out of the country. We had a great time in Bermuda with Carolyn as a great hostess and tour guide. We had mopeds and I put over 300 miles on mine travelling on just about every road.


Grampy stayed with us in Melrose Park. He had prostate cancer which gradually became worse and at the end of '64 he had to move to a nursing home. Fortunately it was only for about a month. On January 11th. he died. I was Executor of his estate.

In February Carolyn had an appendix operation and was a week in Abington Hospital.

Robin left Duke and was married to Dick Yeaton on September 10th.

On September 16 we left for our first trip abroad. I was on business but I took Mary Liz and we were able to do a little sight seeing. I was busy at the Jarrow, England plant but Mary Liz was free and the wives of friends showed her around.

The first few days we were in London, we stayed at the Westbury and had dinner at the Connaught. We took a couple of tour busses and saw the key spots. The train ride to Newcastle was a pleasant experience.

We stayed in Newcastle and Tynemouth. On weekends and when we were heading home we were able to do some sight seeing. We went North and saw Bamberg Castle and Lindsfarne. We continued into Scotland, stayed in Edinburg, drove around Loch Lohman, etc. On our way to London, we were able to visit Windsor, the Cotswolds, Shakespeare's birthplace, and many other interesting sights.

We thought we were ready to leave and drove into London only to find I had to return to Jarrow. Mary Liz went home alone.


The big events were Ed's graduation from Lehigh and his marriage. Graduation was on June 13th. and he married Michele DeLong on the 18th.

There were the usual showers and the wedding was at the Luthern Church in Glenside. We had the rehearsal dinner the night before at the Benson. There was a nice reception at the Curtis Arboretum ending with a honeymoon in Canada.

Ed was employed by Rohm and Haas as a salesman and after the wedding they lived in an apartment in Trevose, Pa. Later in the year they moved to Sterling N.J. since he was working out of New York.


Eddie was sent to Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. for army reserve training.

We planned a three week motor and plane trip through the South and West. It was our first trip to the West coast. We had an unforgettable time. We flew to New Orleans and enjoyed the French Quarters, Brennans, Preservation Hall, Bourbon Street, and all of the other new experiences. Next we flew to Dallas and visited the relatives. Jimmy Hudson took us to the Dallas Club and many other great spots. We drove to Whitesboro and looked up some of the grave sites of the Card ancestors.

In the plane again to San Francisco. We stayed at the St. Francis Hotel and took in all of the sights. Visited Eileen and picked up a rental car for our trip home. We drove South, stayed in Carmel, enjoyed a beautiful coast line along the Big Sur, and then stopped at San Simeon to visit the Hearst Castle.

Next we headed East through Bakersfield, stopped in Las Vegas, toured the Boulder Power Plant at Lake Mead, and spent some time in the Grand Canyon. Mary Liz continued her genealogy hobby by stopping in Boonville Mo. before continuing to Ft. Leonard Wood Mo.

Boonville turned out to be quite an experience. We found many interesting records at the Court House and leads to an old Card cemetery. We visited an old character that lived in a trailer and spit tobacco juice through the screen door. He directed us to a farmer that knew of the cemetery and we left with the broken tombstone of Josiah Hughes Card.

We wound up bringing it home under the seat on the plane. One piece weighed over 30lbs. and the other almost 70lbs. Quite a job to carry on board without attracting attention.

We had a great reunion with Ed. He showed us around the base and then we took the plane for home. Thank goodness we were able to get Ed located in the reserve some years before.


After Ft. Leonard Wood, Ed had been transferred to Oakland Ca. and he bought a house in Walnut Creek, Ca. In April we took a three week trip to California. We flew to San Francisco and stayed with Ed in Walnut Creek. While in the area we visited Yosemite, Carmel, and other interesting places. One time we had dinner at an interesting restaurant, the Spinnaker, on the bay at Sausalito. Ed drove us through Napa Valley and showed us the fish ladders at the power plants. We then borrowed his car and drove to Lake Tahoe, saw the Donner Pass, and visited a friend at the Travis Air Base. The Colonel was quite a character and we had a big time at the Officer's Club. Travis was where the Vietnam casualties were landed in the States.

Our trip continued by air to Dallas. We took in the PGA tournament at the Preston Trail C.C. Later we borrowed Aunt Mable's car and drove to San Antonio, Austin, and Marlin. We visited relatives, saw the World's Fair, the Alamo, the River Walk, and many interesting sights in San Antonio. We first heard Jim Cullem's Happy Jazz Band at the Landing on the River Walk.

Mary Liz made some Genealogy contacts in Austin and we visited President Johnson's home in Johnson City. Finally we flew home from Dallas after a very enjoyable trip.

Carolyn graduated from Bucknell June 2nd. She started working in the research department at Rohm and Haas, and moved to the Beaver Hill Apartments, in Jenkintown, Pa.

One would think we had enough driving but in October we headed South again to Atlanta Ga. I think this trip was primarily for Genealogical purposes. We did stop; however, to see the Pyles in Knoxville and made a few visits to Civil War Battlefields.

An interesting anecdote was our stop at the motel in Roanoke Va. During the night I looked at my watch and decided it was time for us to leave. We hurriedly dressed and went to the front office expecting to have breakfast only to find that it was only about two o'clock; I had looked at my watch upside down.


Eddie moved to Bellevue, Wa. so it was obvious that we would be off again to Seattle Wa. We took another three week trip West by air in September and stayed with Ed but borrowed his car and did a lot of sight seeing in the area. Our tour included Aberdeen Wa. the Olympic Peninsula, Mt Rainier, Victoria, Vancouver, and Squamish B.C.

We decided that we would like to move. After seeing Eddie's contemporary house our taste changed from the center hall formal design. Finally we found a possible design in the Better Homes and Garden magazine and sent for the plans. It was a Contemporary Cape Cod built in New England.
Naturally, we were off to Hyannis Port and New Seabury to see examples constructed from the plans. It was a good trip and we enjoyed looking over the Kennedy home turf. The houses were a disappointment; too small, poor detail, and mostly built to look like vacation homes. We did like the concept, however.

Mary Dudley died August 26th. She had been my mother's helper since I was 16 and she helped Mary Liz since we were married. She was most loyal and she took care of the house for me during the summer bachelor days.

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