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August 25, 1992

Our shows at the Yacht Club were the greatest. When Eddie was commodore we had some of the best. Peter Pan was fantastic. Carolyn was Peter Pan. She was a real star. I can still hear her singing "I Want To Crow". Everyone raved over her. Although Nancy Switlik was Tinker Bell in the show I have always called Carolyn "Tink". Eddie was a pirate.

Then there were the Yacht Club Girls. We were good if I have to say so myself. At first there were four of us, Debbie Kline, Tris Bottomley, Irene Switlik and me. We sang" Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" and "We're Just Four Little Girls From Little Rock". Eddie and Irene Switlik were "Two Lost Souls". Tris dropped out the next year but we continued with "What Ever Lola Wants Lola Gets" and others. We had lots of fun as always. Eddie and I were the Charleston champs of the Yacht Club. We were always being called on to do our stuff.

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