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August 25, 1992

From 1961 until 1968 we spent a lot of time running from Lehigh to Bucknell. We enjoyed the football games and Parent's Week-End etc. Eddie was a Delta Phi and Carolyn was a Pi Phi. They were both very active in these organizations. I hope and trust that they both learned more than football and dancing!

In 1966 Eddie and Michele DeLong were married the same week he graduated from Lehigh. We were against it because in our opinion, he was too young and should have time to get established and ,as his father did, look over the field. They were divorced in 1989. It was an amicable divorce and we are all still good friends. They have two fine sons, Chris and Scott.

Carolyn graduated from Bucknell in 1968. When she decided to get her own apartment I thought it was the dumbest thing I had ever heard of. I would have stayed with Mamma and Daddy forever if I hadn't gotten married. The kids of today are more independent. I never was!

Aug. 26th 1969 was a bad day for me. Mary Dudley, my faithful helper since the day I was married, died suddenly. I was at the shore and Eddie called to tell me the bad news. I felt lost and got in the car and went home. I told everyone that I would have to give up housekeeping and get rid of the kids. I survived and have had many others to help me since but it has never been the same. She was with us for 30 years.

July 16th 1969 was exciting. The United States put the first man on the moon. We were on the Sapphire out on Barnegat Bay. We were glued to the radio of course. It was thrilling to hear the first words coming from the moon!

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