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August 25, 1992

1970 was a very special year. Chris was born Jan.12th in Bellevue, Wa. He is now 22 years old. He has given us 22 years of pleasure. We have always had a good relationship with him. It's gratifying when he calls up for advice.
When I finally got out there to see him he was three months old. He was the sweetest little guy and we took to each other immediately. It's a good thing because Ed. Jr. and Michele went off for a few days and left me to take care of him. I was flattered and pleased when Michele said that they wouldn't leave him with anyone but me! I loved every minute. I hated to leave him and didn't see him again until he was six months old.

The winter of '70 -'71 was quite an experience indeed. We stayed in Seaside Park while the house was being built in Bucks County. The biggest thing of the day was the walk to the post office. Eddie would leave for Bristol at the crack of dawn and I would go up to the boardwalk and watch the sun rise over the ocean and watch the moon descend into the bay. It was spectacular at times. It was very cold that winter but we were cozy as could be. The bay was nearly frozen all the way across.

I don't know how we ever did it but we did get the house built . We made a lot of trips back and forth. I'm glad we did it that way because, even though we enjoyed that year at the shore, we knew that we would never want to retire there like so many others were doing.

Kathleen an Dick Lanning were very helpful. We even stayed with them in Newtown while Eddie was doing the electrical work. Their son, Bobby, was a great help to me. He and I cleared the place of poison ivy and other huge vines. We moved enough stones to fill a quarry. We also planted bulbs,ivy and pachysandra. I was 53 then. I couldn't do all that hard work now. It was fun then.
Our telephone number is 794 8649.

April 19th, 1971 Scott Charles Sutton made an appearance. Our second grandson. I was taking care of Chris and could hardly wait for them to bring Scott home. When they arrived I ran out to meet them and had the honor of carrying him into the house.

I had poison ivy up and down both arms and on my legs so I bandaged my arms and wore a long sleeved blouse so that Michele wouldn't see them. I wanted to get my hands on that baby! In Nov. we had him here for four days. He was so cute and good.

On Aug. 4th 1971 we moved into our new home. I had said I would not move in until it was completely finished. Well, never say never or always! It was no where near finished but I made the best of it. It was not easy though.

Right after we moved in, our neighbor, Viola Caswell, invited me to join the Ladies' Card Club. Cards again! At first I resisted. But, because I liked the ladies so much, I gave in.

In 1974 Carolyn brought Edward Bottone out to meet us. He was what one would call, different. He was very personable and quite accomplished in many things. They had a lot in common but Edward was a dreamer and very impractical. They were both spendthrifts. We weren't keen on it but they got married on Jan. 24th. Working together and living together did not work. They were divorced in 1979. But we are still friends. They are always in touch and would do any thing for each other. He lives in Bermuda and he and Tina are friends.
The big blow came during the summer of 1974. We were shocked when Eddie,Jr. quit his job at Rohm and Haas and moved to Orcas Is. Washington. We still don't like it but have made the best of it. They all like it out there and we do too. If I couldn't live where I do, I could be very happy there. I guess one reason is that we have spent so much time out there and know the area and have made a lot of good friends. Also, we would never have done all the interesting things that we have done if they had not been there.

Marilou Stewart persuaded me to join The New Hope Historical Society in 1976. I then became a hostess and guide at the Parry Mansion. It was interesting and I met a lot of nice people. I wasn't able to be of too much help because we were gone so much during the times the mansion was open. We participated in quite a few of the social affairs but in time we lost interest. We go to an occasional affair now and then.

In 1979 Marilou Stewart took me to her exercising class. It was very informal. There were a few girls exercising to music on a record player and led by Sue Sandberg, one of the members. The group met at the Jericho Valley Community Center twice a week. I loved it and am still a faithful member. I know I wouldn't be in as good a shape as I am now if I hadn't had this opportunity. We are much more professional now. We have a paid professional instructor and our membership is closed except by invitation only. Benita Ryan has been the mainstay. I have made a lot of good friends in this group. Sue Sandberg and I are the oldest by many years.

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