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August 25, 1992


On Sept. 15th 1990 Eddie, Jr and Carol Schaeffer Ferris were married. We went out for the wedding. It was lovely. We entertained the family the next morning for Brunch at Rosario's. We included our "kissing cousins", Bill and Sue Sutton. We invited our good friends, Millie and Bud Winsell but they were unable to attend.


Jan. 1991 was important to me because Father John P. Schmeer came to St. Martin's in New Hope to be the new pastor. I liked him immediately. I have never been active in the church but now I do wish to help. It isn't that I suddenly "got religion" but I now get something out of it and I enjoy going to church. Even Eddie will go to some of the affairs with me. He is a good sport and I appreciate it.

The only other outstanding event in 1991 was the fall I took while we we were on the Island of Madeira. I was a mess. I was lucky I didn't hurt myself seriously. I got a lot of sympathy because I looked so awful. Everyone complimented me for being such a good sport. I was! Eddie was so upset he said "never again" (again) for any more foreign travel.

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