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August 25, 1992

I have had a happy life. I am grateful to God, my parents and Eddie. Mamma and Daddy always protected me and then Eddie took over. I guess one would say that I am and have been dependent on others. True; however, I think I have pulled my weight. Eddie says so and Eddie,Jr. and Carolyn are still talking about their wonderful life with us. I worked hard at being a home maker and I think I was a success. Carolyn said that they lived in "Never Never Land" I am proud of being "just" a homemaker.

If I couldn't have been who I am I would liked to have been Lucille Ball. I love to make people happy. I probably could have been a pretty good actress.

Eddie says that I could sell anything - maybe real estate. If I had been an office manager or an Executive in a large company every one would have quit because I wouldn't put up with the crap!

I have had a lot of nicknames and been called many things. Some of them were: Sister, Cotton Top, Blondie, M.E. Mary, Mimi, Bettie, Momie, Mom, Pork Chop Annie and last but not least, Granny and now Gran. Carolyn Calls me the Pom-Pom Girl!

Eddie's favorite is "good time Charley:. My legal name is Mary Elizabeth Card Sutton. I sign everything Mary E. Card Sutton. But my favorite name of all is:

Mrs Edwin L. Sutton.

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