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August 25, 1992

So in Sept.I went by train to Dallas and to 3661 Stratford where the Harlans lived. At first I felt homesick but as soon as I started meeting people I felt better. My cousin, Julie, was very sweet to me and because she was a Zeta I pledged Zeta Tau Alpha. My big sister was Helen Graves. The Zetas were all very attractive and it was one of the most popular sororities on the campus. WE always got bids for fraternity dances.

The football team was good that year and the social life was terrific. One of my sorority sisters had a darling brother and he and I hit it off. His name was Charles Thompson. I went to a lot of S.A.E. dances with him. But he wanted to get married and I didn't so that ended that. Then I met B.F. Phillips. He was a Kappa Sig. and his father was president of Phillips Petroleum. We had fun but he kept wanting me to go out to the ranch in Gladewater alone with him. That was not my bag so that ended that. I had lots of dates and had a good time. I must admit that I didn't do much studying. In fact, Daddy said all I learned was football and dancing. Jamie Cumby was my favorite. He was a real nice guy, a good dancer, and lots of fun. He was a Pi K A. He wanted me to marry him too but didn't push it. When I decided not to return the next year he had a fit. He had a friend, Jack Curry who had his own plane. Jack took me up for my first flight. Jamie wasn't real happy. After I went home he kept writing and declaring his eternal love but by this time I had met Eddie so that was the end of that.

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