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August 25, 1992

The summer of 1938 was a fun packed time. Again there were lots of dates. I saw a lot of Tim Coughlin, Ward Baumann, Gordon Fraser and Joe Behls. Also Frank Collis whom I liked very much. But I was getting tired of it all and complained about going out with some of the fellows. Daddy said " Use them as stepping stones". Then Auntie wanted me to visit her in Phila. I didn't want to do that either but Mamma and Daddy wanted me to go. So, being a dutiful daughter, I went.

On July,13th I had a date with Lou. Medlar. Dottie Sutton had arranged that so I went over to her house to meet them. We were all set to leave when Dottie's brother, Eddie came bouncing down the steps. That did it! I don't know if it was love at first sight, but it was close to it. Since he has already described our next meeting and first date I will just add a few tid-bits. Our song was "You Go To My Head". We wore out the record I'm sure. We still love it.(1992). Auntie said, "He is too old for you-you can't get him" I said,"watch me". From then on he was number one but he didn't know it. I just kept right on with my social life. I had a fantastic time that summer,fall and winter.

Daddy bought a La Salle and I finally got my drivers license. I was never home long enough to learn to drive or the permit would run out. Then Carolyn and Eileen got theirs and it was a constant battle as to who would drive.

My date book for 1938 seems to be pretty full and that summer especially so. I went lots of places with Eddie, and all of my other boy friends and my girl friends too. In the fall the football games started and I went to one almost every Sat. I loved going to the Penn-Yale game with Eddie. In Oct. I went to Penn State for the weekend with Gordon Fraser. It was fun until he asked me if I loved him and I said no. That was the end of that. One weekend I went to Rutgers with Ward Baumann. Ozzie Nelson and Harriet Hilliard were there. What a time! Tim Coughlin took me to lots of games and night clubs. That fall I also went up to Cornell with Ward Baumann. I had a good time as usual. The guys in the fraternity gave the dog beer.

By this time Eddie was coming more often and I was having trouble fitting every one in. I'm not sure when we decided to get married but I think it was in Nov. or Dec. He gave me a large bottle of Chanel's Jasmine for Christmas. I had a date with him on New Year's Eve and I think we decided to announce our engagement on my 21st birthday on Feb.20, 1939. Incidentally,I loved the perfume so much I was very careful and used it sparingly. Several years later when Eddie, Jr. was a toddler he got hold of it and spilled it all. I still have the bottle though.

On Nov. 23rd, 1938 Amanda Earl and Carl Paul Vogt were married. I met them at their Reception. I caught her bouquet and one year later we were married. Must be something to it!

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