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August 25, 1992

I think it was in the fall of 1938 that I decide to take modeling lessons. I went to Carol Lynne's Modeling Studio in New York off and on for a few months. We began to get a few jobs but nothing exciting. My heart wasn't in it. We had one job at Lanz Fifth Ave. and then Bloomingdale's. They must have liked me because I was the only one asked to stay on. I lasted a few days and quit. It was too boring without the other girls. I had one job for some magazine and posed for pictures for a stupid story (I thought). There was a nice fellow, from Tenn., there. His name was Dick Faulk. His sister was one of The Merry Macs, a popular quartet at the time. She was very nice. So was Dick but I was more interested in "you know who". So that was that.

At this time The World's Fair of 1939 was about to open on Long Island. I was interviewed by Wonder Bread for the job of Alice In Wonderland. I and several others were hired. I commuted from Rahway on the 8:19 along with others also working at the fair. My handsome salary was $22.50 a week. Daddy paid my commutation fare to N.Y. I saved everything and when we were married I had about $200.00. We didn't have much between us. Eddie spent his money on girls and cars.

At the Wonder Bread Exhibit our boss was Dick Meyers. His father was president of Wonder Bread. He kept trying to get me to go out with him but by this time Eddie and I were engaged so I said no. Working in N.Y. and Eddie in Phila. got to be a drag. The job was boring too and the novelty was definitely off so I quit.

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