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August 25, 1992

When we had a chance during the summers we would go to The Wardlaw School in Plainfield to play badminton. There was always Catherine Van Syckle, Carolyn, Eileen and me. I guess all we did that summer was fool around. I had lots of dates and we had fun dancing and going to see the big bands in New York and The Meadowbrook in North Jersey. We saw Horace Heidt, Harry James, Glenn Gray, Ozzie Nelson, Vaughn Monroe, Eddie Duchin, Hal Kemp, Larry Clinton, Sammy Kaye, and BENNY GOODMAN ! What a time. Also Eileen, Charlotte, Jeannette, Carolyn and I were among the Bobby Soxers at The Paramount Theatre in New York.

By the end of the summer we were all getting ready to go our separate ways. Aunt Mable had talked Mamma And Daddy into letting me go to S.M.U.and to stay with her. They all thought it would be nice for me to go back to Texas and to attend S.M.U.because Daddy claimed to be its first graduate. Of course I was all for it. It sounded very glamorous especially after M.S.M.

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