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August 25, 1992

The date book is pretty blank for the rest of the year. "Bosco" and "Sissy" kept us busy. Just before Carolyn was born I had Eddie out for an airing and we went into Woolworth's to sightsee. Who should come up to say hello was Billie Bahls. I had met her before we both were married. She was engaged to Fred Bahls, a friend of Eddie's. I liked her then and was so happy to see her again. It was the beginning of a wonderful friendship. They lived in the same area and we began to see quite a lot of them. Billie is one of my best friends of over 54 years.

We started a little bridge club. There were four of us, Madeline Roney, Ruth Leidich, Billie and me. We met at night so that the daddies could baby sit. It went on for quite a few years.

1947 and 1948 were just more of the same. Eddie has covered it. Our social life was making a slow comeback. But we had lived in Mayfair for nine years and I was anxious to get our own home. We did a lot of house hunting during those years.

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