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August 25, 1992

So--- we finally did it! We moved in June of 1949. It was a wonderful house. We had 22 happy years there.

Eddie went to Rowland School in Cheltenham. When he first saw the new house and noticed the ivy on the back wall he said,"Oh look at the nice poison ivy".
Our telephone number was Melrose 5-2756.

The next few years I spent most of my time with children's activities. There was always something. There was the P.T.A.,the pediatrician, the orthodontist, school activities such as plays etc. the dentist and dancing lessons. Without Mary Dudley I could not have done all the things that I did. I was a regular chauffeur.

In 1952 Billie Bahls talked me into joining The Republican Women Of Penna.The Hannah Penn House was on 13th and Latimer St. At that time we were The Juniors. Our booth for the Holiday market was Santa's Workshop. I eventually became chairman of the Juniors. Later we were the Young Republicans and our booth was Paper Capers. I was chairman of the booth. There were many activities including luncheons, fashion shows, cocktail parties trips and other fund raisers. One of the most memorable trips was the trip to the White House to meet Mrs. Eisenhower. There were 500 of us and she shook every hand. She was charming. I was thrilled. One other time we went to Harrisburg to meet Gov Fine. We went swimming with him and I ducked him. I also was the secretary of the Holiday Market one year.

The Yacht Club, the Ladies` Aux. and parties, plus children's activities including swimming lessons, sailing classes and sitting on the beach kept me real busy during the next few summers. Mamma was always there to help me.

In 1951 when our little dog became a part of our lives I spent a lot of time cleaning up you know what! Mamma said she didn't know I could curse like that.

When Eddie was Rear Commodore we met the Lipmans. Ginger and I got of on the wrong foot because she reported Eddie, Jr. to the House Committee for ducking their daughter, Dina. I decided to have nothing to do with them but when I was introduced to Ginger at a cocktail party I changed my mind and we have been real buddies all these years. We talk on the 'phone every Sunday morning.

During this period I was Chairman of the Junior Activities of the Yacht Club and then Chairman of the Ladies Auxiliary for two years. Our committee for the weekly luncheons was Irene Switlik, Ethel Sayia, Jane McKee, Peg Watson and me. We had a great time.

As if I didn't have enough to do, I became a Gray Lady in the
X-Ray Dept. in Abington Hospital. I stuck with that for quite a while but finally gave up when I decided that I was being used by the paid help.

My sister, Carolyn and her husband Bob Maida adopted a baby girl. She was born Feb.28th, 1957. She was three months old when they got her. She was named Christina Card Maida. We all loved her. I took care of her a lot.

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