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August 25, 1992

Sept.17th,1959 I went to Gina Manning's for lunch. At that time I became a member of the Seaside Bridge Club, for Phila. ladies. I had been invited before but because I really hated playing cards and was busy with other things I resisted. Blanch Young finally convinced me. I have been a faithful member for 33 years and loved every minute. Of course, Debbie Kline, Bettu Higham and I talked so much the rest finally gave up. We haven't even set up a table in over 25 years. It's still "Bridge Club" though. We had 12 members. Jane Peltier died and then Helen Owens. Gina Manning passed away in Jan. 1991. Peggy Hill died the next day. Debbie Kline died in Sept. Bobby Winner moved to Maryland several years ago. There are seven of us left; Mare Jones, Blanch Young, Newty Garrigues, Helen Nicholson, Betty Higham, Ginny Connell and me.

During the middle 50's we ran across Randy Milnes, an old boy friend of mine from Rahway. He knew Gus Freygang too. From then on we had a group that included Marion and Ted Monahan, Marge and Johnnie Schouten, Gus and Dot Freygang, Betty and Randy Milnes and a little later Betty and Tom Mallon and us. We had some great times. The only ones left are the Mallons and us. Ted, Randy and Johnnie died, Freygangs moved to N.H. and Marion, Marge, and Betty Milnes don't live in the area any more.

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