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August 25, 1992

In 1960 Dot Freygang decided to work at Wanamaker's during the Christmas season. I thought I'd try that too. At first I was in the toy dept. and they changed me to the gifts. It took me quite awhile to master the cash register etc. I took a lot of ribbing, especially from Eddie,Jr. and Carolyn. They kept calling me "Auntie Mame". I soon tired of the the whole thing mainly because the other sales people spent most of the time waiting for the next cigarette break. I was asked to stay on after Christmas and work in the silver dept. but I declined and went back to being just a housewife--the best job of all!

In 1962 Marion Monahan talked me into doing market research for Campbell Soup. We worked out of a small vehicle that we called The Unit. It had a little kitchen set up. We were testing the new Red Kettle soups and would get people to sample the different kinds. Then they would tell us their preference and we would fill in the questionnaire. Of course we were expected to turn in quite a few for the day. Billie Bahls, Marion and I were very conscientious. Some of the others including our boss started faking the interviews so that they wouldn't have to work so hard. I was disgusted and quit. Marion and Billie soon followed me.

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