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August 25, 1992

From 1959 until 1965 we had one death after the other. It was the worst period of my life. I thought I would never get over it when Mamma died. She died Apr. 12, 1963. Daddy never got over it. He came to live with us. We did the best we could for him but he just gave up and he died Jan. 11, 1965. Then the trouble began.

By this time my sister was a widow and very well off. Because of her extravagant life style Daddy was afraid that she would go through everything. So, with his two sisters (Auntie and Aunt Mabel) as witnesses he had changed his will and left everything to me. She had a fit and accused me of tricking him etc. I did offer a third because I, like Daddy, thought that we would eventually have full responsibility for her and Tina. She would not hear of it so she left and said she would take me to court. Her lawyer and friend who knew us advised her not to do it. I tried many times to solve the problems between us but to no avail. I never saw her again. She remained friendly with Eddie, Jr. and Carolyn for which I was glad.

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