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October, 1997

In the fall of 1995 I had quite an unsettling time. My annual mammogram showed something suspicious. Of course, being an optimist and positive thinker I assumed it wouldn't amount to anything. When I received a call to see Dr. Pezzi, oncologist, I knew I had to hope for the best and tried to rise above it all.
The operation was Jan. 24th 1996. I had a lumpectomy and removal of lymph glands. It was confirmed that I had breast cancer but the prognosis was very good. Then I had six weeks of radiation. I was afraid of it at first but got used to it. However,I was glad when it was over.

My devoted Eddie guided me through everything with great patience. I rather enjoyed watching him do my chores around here with never a complaint. He even had the kitchen ship-shape--no dishes in the sink. This only lasted two or three days though. I felt fine and was anxious to get back to work. He even made the beds. I don't think he had ever done it before. He got stuck with it and now we make them together every day.

And, one morning on the way to Abington for my treatment he said,"You know I really enjoy our little trip every morning." What a great guy, a real piece of work! So, thanks to him and my good doctors what could have been a real ordeal was just another experience in my long life. As E. Grey Dimond said,"When one is lucky enough to reach this age there is a price to pay." True!

Just before my operation we had a major snow storm. We were snowed in for awhile. There was at least 30 inches. John Frederick plowed us out pronto. Fortunately our road and others down to Abington were kept open. We would never have made it otherwise.

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