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October, 1997

April 13th, 1997 Eddie's 85th birthday. Eddie Jr., Carolyn and I planned a big surprise to celebrate. Eddie arrived in Phila. at 1:00 AM. Carolyn picked him up at the airport and he stayed all night with her. At 8:30 the next morning they arrived here. Boy, was he ever surprised! Of course his first words were "what the hell" He said it was the best surprise he had ever received. Such a time!

I still go to my exercising class three times a week. I have been in it for 18 years. I love being with "my girls" as well as keeping myself in shape. It's a real support group. I would be lost without them. They tell me that I am their inspiration since I am so much older than they are. They certainly are mine.

We still have the neighborhood card club. For 26 years I have I have played pinochle only because I like the ladies. We are down to eight now. Sally Smith, Alice Frederick and Peg Waite passed away and Mary Beans Kimbill moved to Doylestown. Bob Smith, Paul Daniels and Jack Kimbill died this year. We keep on laughing and telling jokes, play some cards and eat a lot.

The Bridge Club is down to five now, Newty, Blanch, "Mare", Betty Higham and me. The five men that are left are Eddie, Jack Young, Joe Nicholson, Loren Jones and Charlie Kline. The men don't go out to lunch any more. We just all stay together. We have been together over 40 years and plan to keep going. Instead of elaborate luncheons we just have sandwiches and a simple dessert The ladies have their wine but the men still have their Martinis. Yuck!
I have become slightly active on the auxiliary of The Riverside Symphonia. I like helping out when I can. The concerts are wonderful. I go with Judy Nessa. Eddie prefers Dixieland.

Now (1997) I'm into E_Mail. Not much mind you and Eddie has to stand over me but it is fun to be able to communicate easily and quickly with Chris and a few others.

This past spring I received a request from Mount St. Mary Alumnae for memorabilia for the archives that they are starting. Of course I had plenty as I have always saved everything. So I called Sister Mary Alphonsus. She was pleased to hear from me and invited us for lunch. She was Mary Elizabeth Kennedy and was a freshman when I was a junior. She loved all the pictures and other memorabilia. We just wrecked my scrapbooks but I am glad for them to have it all so that future generations can enjoy it. Most of it is over 60 years old. I graduated in 1937. Sister Mary gave us an extended tour of the school. It certainly has changed since I was there. I did remember a lot though especially the brown "Rec." room where I learned to dance. Eddie was not bored and seemed quite interested in everything especially all those computers. I enjoyed the whole day.

In Oct.Eddie Jr.,Chris and Scott paid us a quick visit. It was lots of fun and we appreciated their making such an effort and taking the time to come. Of course I made Mamma's pimento cheese for Eddie and I had the required Krimpets and scrapple. We didn't do much but loved just being together. I took Eddie over to see Normandy Farms and the Reitingers. Bob took us on a tour and Eddie was favorably impressed but doesn't think it is for us.

Next month (Nov 25) we will be married 58 years. We have been here 26 years, 22 on Normandy Lane, 9 1/2 in Mayfair and one year in Seaside Park while this house was being built.

Every year since we have lived here we have gone to Caswell's for Halloween and this year is no exception. When Frank died Viola kept up the tradition. We and some of the other neighbors look forward to it and really plow into the hot dogs etc.

When we wrote the original Memoirs I asked Eddie Jr. if he liked it and he said, " Yes but there isn't enough about us in it". Carolyn said,"Very good Mom." Actually I can't say enough about them. They have given us untold pleasure and we are very proud of them. Neither of them has given us any trouble other than the normal small stuff. I think we are a close knit family even though Eddie,Chris and Scott are so far away. We talk with Carolyn every day and some days more than once! Every Sat. morning is our weekly 'phone visit with Eddie Jr. We always look forward to it. Eddie and Carolyn always talk about all the fun we have had together. That is so rewarding! But they can write their own memoirs. Now that I am into this I may relent and do something on their time with us.

I, Ed Sr., am embarrassed. Mary Liz has praised me so much for my minor efforts that I must express my feelings for her. I don't know where to begin, there is so much I could say. Mary Liz has made my married life most pleasant and enjoyable and our Family the best it could be. Life wouldn't be worth living without her.

She has never been demanding, she has always been optimistic and a real friend and partner. No one could or has done more to help their spouse or children have a pleasant successful life.

She is responsible for the many wonderful trips we have had, for our many friends and for maintaining these friendships during the almost 60 years that we have been together.

Mary Liz and I have always been able to share the responsibilities of married life and for her part, no one could have made a better organized and happier home for me and the children. The "In thing today is to be a Soccer Mom". Mary Liz was Hockey Mom, Swimming Mom, PTA Mom, and best of all she was Family Mom. She really is the Pom Pom Girl. She's the girl of my dreams.

March 7th, 2012: Last night Gran passed away. Almost 6 years to the day that Grandad passed. As I was thinking about the two of them, and reading over these memoirs, I happened upon this page, and specifically the note by Grandad above. They truly loved each other. They will both be missed but not forgotten. Chris.