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October, 1997

For quite a few years I corresponded with Dr. E. Grey Dimond of Kansas City, Mo. We are both descendants of Patrick Diamond who came here from Ireland ca. 1757. E. Grey is my fourth cousin I think. He was writing a book on the Dimond/Diamond/Dymond family and I helped him by feeding my information gathered over the years and also did some research in the Chester Co. Pa. Historical Society and Archives.

Just before the book was ready for the publisher I decided to go down to Guilford Co. N. C. where Patrick Diamond went when he left Pa. So in Oct. 1995 we took a short trip down to Greensboro, N.C. not far from where Patrick's property was located. We went to the University of N.C., Guilford Co. Historical Soc. and the court house many times. I think we got everything available but we did not find his grave and the property is now a lake.

E. Grey was pleased with what we did find out. It was an interesting and enjoyable trip.

The book was published in 1995. My branch of the Diamond family is well documented and has a prominent place in the book. Luella Diamond Card's descendants are extrapolated all the way down to Chris and Scott Sutton (My grandsons). At the end of Chapter Six Dr. Dimond recites; "Because of Mrs. Sutton's energetic family tracing this information is available." I loved the project and hated to see it end.

Eddie mentioned the winter of'94 but I have to reiterate, it was a "doozy". We had solid ice for weeks. Actually we didn't have too many problems. We sort of had fun coping. I cooked up a storm and looked out the window a lot!


In March,1995 I had a "falling out" with Father Schmeer of St. Martin's, my church of 24 years. I then became one of the " boat people" who crossed over the Delaware River to St. John's in Lambertville, I am very happy there. I sit with Ann DeSalvie every Sunday. We always sit in the same pew.

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