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Winter 1997-1998

3/10/77 to 3/20/77

We decided that the trailer would make a good home for travel close to home. We had never spent much time in Washington, D,C. so we decided to spend several days exploring that area.

We found a good place to leave the trailer in College Park where we unhitched the trailer and took off to explore the sights.

One of the main reasons for deciding to see Washington was the fact that the King Tut exhibit was there. There was a tremendous line but the exhibit was well worth the rave reviews it was receiving and the long wait to get inside.

Another first was the relatively new Air and Space museum. It was/is extremely popular and there were long waits and lines waiting for it to open in the morning. We "lucked out" by parking in the garage under the museum and then going up to enter the museum without a wait.

I can't begin to describe what a wonderful exhibit Air and Space museum is. One could spend days there and we were lucky that we had unlimited time.

A special treat was a new movie using a much larger film size, a very large screen that wrapped around the audience, and a tremendous sound system. I forget the name of the movie that was shown. It was the first one using the new system and it put the audience right in the cockpit of a plane as one flew through the Grand Canyon and into other heart pounding experiences.

We had plenty of time so that we able to visit every notable exhibit or building. We took the White House Tour and visited Congress and our Congressmen, Sen. Heinz and Rep. Kostmeyer. We also spoke to many others and had an interesting contact with Sen. Baker. We were trying to find our way to the Senate when we happened on Sen. Baker. He invited us to ride with him in the underground train to the Capitol Building.

Finally we decided to head home, hitched up and headed North stopping briefly to visit a couple of friends on the way.

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