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Winter 1997-1998

6/12/79 to 6/28/78
3903 MILES

Another Spring and another trip to Orcas Island. This time we started out on Rt. 80 and then followed Rt. 90 most of the way.

Automobile Town

Our serious sight seeing started when we reach Michigan. There was much of interest to see in the area. As expected, much of which was related to the automobile and manufacturing industries. We spent about three days in the area.

A major location of interest was Greenfield Village. The Ford Museum featured about 200 vintage automobiles including a 1909 Model T Ford. They also displayed many early authentic antique aircraft.

Greenfield Village also had Edison's Laboratory which had been moved from Edison N.J. A replica of the Wright brothers cycle shop and many other examples of the early days of transportation were very interesting to see.

In addition to the Village we enjoyed a tour of the Cadillac assembly plant, Ford's Hot Strip Steel Mill, and Kellog's Battle Creek, Michigan plant.

The next few days we enjoyed the many lakes, farms, and beautiful countryside as we took Rt. 90 through Michigan, Wisconsin, and South Dakota. We stopped at Deadwood City again. Visited the Homestead Gold Mine, the Petrified forest and other tourist attractions. We had the place pretty much to ourselves. It was very relaxing and interesting drive as we followed Rt 90 to Rapid City. Once again we visited the Bad Lands and made a long loop through the area before heading for Cody Wo.


We entered Yellowstone via Rt.16 and spent a couple of days there. It was our second trip to Yellowstone. This time we entered from the East and the country was beautiful especially through the Bighorn National Forrest from Buffalo to Ten Sleep.

As I read our brief notes I am surprised to note that we visited several key attractions two or more times during our travels across country. Also I find several references to concern over tire wear on the trailer and the need to purchase some replacements.

This time we enjoyed the area of the Yellowstone River which flows through the beautiful Yellowstone River Canyon. Artist and Inspiration Points provide good vantage points to view the canyon and the upper and lower falls.

We left Yellowstone by the Northern entrance Rt.89 and travelled into Montana to Rt.90. We passed through Three Forks , the headwaters of the Missouri River and on to Butte Montana. known as the richest hill on earth. It was most interesting to see the tremendous excavation and mining by this major producer of copper for 100 years.

Our trip has taken us through many National Forests and Parks. We have enjoyed them all and now headed into our last state Washington. Our route took us to Spokane, Wa. and then to Chelan and Chelan Lake. There are many dams in the area and much irrigation with resultant beautiful orchards and green farm land.

We continued north on Rd.153 to the Cascade Highway Rt.20 near Winthrop. It was a lovely pioneer type town. Driving along the Cascade Highway to Burlington was most pleasant. From there it was the usual run to Anacortes, a ferry trip to Orcas Island and to visit Ed Jr. and his family.

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