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Winter 1997-1998

7/11/75 to 7/21/75
3247 MILES

We hated to leave the kids but we were ready to get going and to and anxious to get home. After leaving Orcas and the ferry ride we did some shopping in Bellingam.

In Canada again. We bought a flat of raspberries in the berry capitol of Canada and proceeded to eat them all. We stopped at Hell's Gate. Really spectacular. The Frazer River enters a narrow canyon and becomes a raging torrent. We drove through the Frazer River Valley Canyon and on to Shaw Springs, B.C. Then we passed through Golden and on to Lake Louise. We had a wonderful campground and unhitched the trailer so that we could just use the car for sightseeing in the area. Lake Louise was beautiful but quite small. The whole area was terrific. The lakes were all different and the colors gorgeous.

We drove up to Jasper admiring the scenery as we went along. The mountains were spectacular. When we arrived in Jasper we decided to take a boat trip on Maligne Lake. It was really worth while.

On our way back to Lake Louise we passed the Columbia Ice Fields, the source of the Columbia River. At some point two little bears came to the side of the road. We got out of the car to have a look. Suddenly the mother bear appeared and we disappeared into the car.

We left Lake Louise and went on to Banff. We toured the Banff Springs Hotel, took pictures and had lunch on the terrace. It was very nice. From there we were really heading for home. Now we are in the plains. We spent the night in Medicine Hat, Alberta. It was getting warmer.

The next morning we headed out and by this time we were passing through ranch lands and it kept getting hotter. We weren't happy with that. We had gotten accustomed to cool weather on Orcas Is. We looked around Moose Jaw and Regina. Now we were really hot and the campground had no shade. We had picked it because it was on Nickle Lake near Weyburn,Sask. We went swimming but wasn't much help.

The next day we crossed the border back to the U.S. The country was very flat. We ran into a bad storm S.E. of Minot, N.D. By this time Eddie was tired of driving the boring route and asked if I would like to try it. I knew I could do it and took right off. Things went well until we needed gas. I pulled into the station, cut it too short and knocked the gas pump over. This happened in Carrington, N.D. It was a very small town. (hick) and the one policeman had to make out the accident report. He didn't know that Pa. was the abbreviation for Pennsylvania and asked me "what is this pa?" I never drove again! The side of the trailer was all beat up but it was no problem. We limped into Valley City and went to bed.

We liked Minnesota and enjoyed the scenery. We went on to Menomonie, Wisconsin and the next day to Michigan City, Indiana. From there we returned to the great state of Penna. Emlenton, Pa. was our last night on the road.

On July 21st late in the afternoon we arrived back in Glendale. We still had to get the trailer into the driveway so it was the usual arm flailing, hollering and pointing but we did it again.

It was a wonderful trip that we will never forget. Thank goodness it wasn't our last!

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