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August 25, 1992

In the spring of 1927 Daddy went to New York for an operation on his hip. I guess they had already decided to move up there because after he left the house was sold and Mamma, Carolyn and I left Palestine for New Salem, Pa. where the Herringtons lived. I had to finish the fourth grade in the New Salem Public School. We stayed there most of the summer with Aunt Kate while Mamma went to visit Daddy in White Plains, New York. Then we went to Philadelphia for a few months and stayed in a third floor apartment on Johnson St. near Chew St. My aunt ( Auntie ) and Uncle Harold Cobb lived near by.

I had successfully passed the fourth grade but the people at Emlen School thought that, being from such a backward state as Texas that I probably couldn't do fifth grade work. It wasn't too long before they decided that I could. However, I told them that I wanted to stay where I was because I was tired of making new friends. So I stayed and when we moved to Rahway I was still in the fourth grade at St. Mary's School.

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