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August 25, 1992

The house was not ready when we returned so we stayed at the Sutton's in Mt Airy. On the 22nd of Dec. we moved in. According to my notes I prepared my first meal on the 24th. Pork chops was the order of the day. Eddie liked them so I was a success. After that I had them so much that he started calling me "Pork Chop Annie". He always says the only thing I knew how to cook was stuffed celery and fudge when we got married. It was kind of pitiful

It doesn't seem possible now but coffee was 25 cents a lb. then; Bread was 9 cents a loaf, eggs 30 cents a dozen and hamburger 29 cents a lb. I thought that was pretty expensive.

Carolyn and Eileen came over to see the house. We bought lunch at the local Horn and Hardart. They hated to leave me and they both cried. I guess I must have looked pretty forlorn.

Doris Paul ("Duch") was my first friend in Phila. I met her during the summer of 1938. She had a date with Bob Reitinger. The four of us went to The Anchorage on East River Dr. and then to Crane's in Germantown. We have been good friends all these years. "Duch", Bunnie Vogt, Kitty Scott and Anne Pyle and I started a little bridge club. We would meet every two weeks for lunch and bridge. I still have some of our menus. It was lots of fun. The war and children put an end to those carefree days.

When we were first married we went to Rahway nearly every weekend. As I began to make new friends and became accustomed to Philadelphia the visits to Rahway became less frequent. Most of our social life was with the Reitingers and Vogts. We still went to football games etc. Then the Scotts and Pyles joined the group. For someone who just hates cards we certainly played a lot of bridge. I guess it was the thing to do or there wasn't anything else to do. Also, I can't believe I even took sewing lessons! I sure didn't learn much.

By trial and error and practice I finally learned to cook and entertain reasonably well. Even with rationing and especially gas rationing we managed to have a pretty extensive social life.

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